frequently asked questions

Q: Why crafter?

A: because..

By definition, craftsman: a person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft; artisan.
We are highly skilled and We like our job, as an artisan, the result is normaly almost "art".

Q: Why Solutions?

A: because...

+30 years looking for the best solution for customers, nothing else to say.

Q: Why you're not showing (.*cloud.*) in your prefered tech?

A: because...

(.*cloud.*) Providers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle...) are selling services based on the technologies we "prefer",
as we have the knowledge about the base technologies, we know almost any of the services they are offering.

Q: Why do you have an axe in the image?

A: because...

An axe is a wonderful tool for the craftsman, along with the hammer, knife ... We're crafters and will use the most appropiate tool to get the best solution for you.
That includes "butter", because sometimes you need to be smooth like silk.