Oracle to PostgreSQL

Oracle to PostgreSQL

We are proud to offer an integral consultant service to migrate your Oracle database to PostgreSQL.

Oracle to PostgreSQL
ora2pg tool


We will be using Using ora2pg, which is the almost standard tool used by everybody.
The problem is that not everybody has the expertise to accomplish a migration from Oracle, there are a lot of points to cover and hidden complexities.
For example, ora2pg --estimate_cost has 3 "Migration levels" and 5 "Technical levels". We have seen databases that are above level 5.

Migration Process

The project phases include

Step 1 — Discovery phase

Solutionscrafter will perform the DB analysis, while the customer provides resource and competence mapping (current capabilities, gaps and needs, training plans).
Comprehensive reports are produced that will be used later in the migration process.

Discovery phase
Solution Design

Step 2 — Solution design

We will provide alternatives and advice on risk, time required, cost estimates, and general recommendations, as well as the final solution design.
In collaboration with the customer, a thorough implementation plan for the project is prepared.

Step 3 — Implementation and operation

We will implement the project based on the mutually-agreed plan, while maintaining constant communication with the customer, and reporting progress at all times.
Additional services with respect to the new system such as ongoing management, support, and training, may be provided as requested.

Implementation and operation